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Am I Practically An Atheist?

Several months ago, I had an opportunity to converse with a man who is an atheist.  He is highly educated and very intelligent.  It was a great challenge and privilege for me to share with him some of the reasons … Continue reading

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Monday Musings – Lukewarm is Room Temperature

“So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” (Rev. 3:16) I enjoy having a cup of coffee nearby when I’m writing.  I pour myself a cup of steaming coffee, … Continue reading

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Are You Shining for Jesus?

Frances Ridley Havergal is one of my favorite authors, not only of hymns, but of devotionals as well.  Her writing is full of Scripture, and her testimony of coming to assurance of salvation, and full surrender of herself to Christ, … Continue reading

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We Have Forgotten

  Another anniversary of 9/11 will soon pass, and fade into our memories. As I think about 9/11, I believe it is important that we do not forget. It is right and needful that we remember the terrible events of … Continue reading

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