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We Stand – New Song

Around us lives are crumbling as truth is compromised, And those who stand for holiness are mocked and criticized, But if we love our Savior, His Word we will obey, Because we are forgiven, with boldness we will say,  Upon … Continue reading

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Have These “Grrrr”-Attitudes Stolen Your Gratitude?

Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas is almost here, and if we are not careful, our thankfulness has disappeared quicker than Grandma’s pumpkin pie.  We know we are to be thankful more than one day a year, but it’s easy … Continue reading

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When You Can’t Find the Merry in Christmas

For many years, Christmas was a very difficult holiday for me:  not because I didn’t understand the true meaning of Christmas, or because I wasn’t thankful for the beauty and wonder of the coming of Christ, not because I didn’t … Continue reading

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