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Now Available! Heart & Hands Companion Materials

I am excited to introduce the Heart & Hands companion products! These include a Teacher Edition, a Student Edition workbook, and Personal Study Guide. There is also a full set of PowerPoint slides that will be available that correspond with each lesson.

I’d like to share briefly with you how all this came about. For many years, I have taught teen girls’ and ladies’ Bible studies and Sunday School classes. I have enjoyed writing and teaching about areas where the Lord was dealing with and teaching me.

In the past few years, friends began asking if these lessons were available for use in their Sunday school classes and Bible study groups. I had never seriously considered doing anything like this, but after much prayer (and lots of work), I’m trying to make some of these studies available.

Writing and printing Bible study books and lessons is a whole new venture for me. Although I had many studies I had used, they consisted primarily of outlines and personal notes. Developing them into something others can use has been (and continues to be) quite a learning process! I hope that you will be patient with me as I learn. Please feel free to send me your feedback on areas you think need improvement.

All of my materials use the King James Version of the Bible, and are Baptist in doctrine. It is a serious concern of mine that many of the materials our churches are introducing to our ladies are not sound doctrinally. While we may appreciate the writing and teaching style of today’s popular teachers, many of them are not biblically accurate. No teacher is perfect, but it is dangerous to diminish, or even ignore, doctrine simply because we find something popular or attractive.

I do not believe this is always because we don’t care. As a pastor’s wife, I know how hard it can be to find fresh, solid, trustworthy resources to use in our classes for both children and adults. I think part of the reason we have resorted to using substandard materials is because there are limited resources available that are biblical, practical, and affordable. While that isn’t a justification, it has helped me to realize that there is a need, and to have a desire to help fill that void if possible.

I do not imagine myself to be an authority on the Bible or teaching, but if the Lord can use these studies to be a help to you and the ladies in your churches, that is my prayer. Please pray with me that the Lord will be glorified, and that many will be strengthened and encouraged to walk with Him through these materials.

For a little more detail about the actual materials:

The Heart & Hands booklet is the “text” and core of this study. It is a 40-page, easy-to-read booklet that can be used for personal encouragement, or as the foundation for group study. Quantity discounts are available.

If you wish to use the booklet for personal reading and study, you may be interested in ordering the Personal Study Guide. It includes questions for personal examination and study for each section of the booklet, as well as the Practical Pointers for Daily Devotions and a Scripture Writing Challenge. It is available as a PDF download (select “digital” from the drop-down menu) or as a coil-bound book (select “physical” from the drop-down menu).

If you wish to use this study in a group setting, the Teacher Edition is an expanded version that accompanies the Heart & Hands booklet. It includes tips for teaching the study, and detailed notes for each lesson. The Student Edition is a workbook that includes fill-in-the-blank style worksheets that include the main points, definitions, and Scripture references for each lesson. It also includes some supplemental materials – Practical Pointers for Daily Devotional Time and a Scripture Writing Challenge. The printed, coil-bound version also includes the Personal Study Guide.

Both the Teacher and Student Editions are available as downloads. They include the PDF files for all the lessons and supplemental materials. You will need to purchase a Student Edition for each student. You may also want to purchase the Personal Study Guide (these are optional).

If you have more than five students, the most affordable option will be the Download Package. This do-it-yourself download contains all of the files required for teacher and students, and includes permission to make as many copies as necessary for your class. These are designed to print on standard 8 ½” x 11” paper, and can be placed in a binder or folder to make a very nice class notebook. (You will need to order the booklets as well as they are not available in PDF format).

If you prefer not to do that much printing, you can purchase the Teacher Edition and Student Edition as 8 ½” x 11” coil-bound books. For classes of 10 or more, please check out the bundle packages that are available. These contain the booklets, workbooks, teacher book, and supplemental materials (including the Personal Study Guide).

Note: The book bundles cannot currently be used for international orders. Canadian customers can contact me for shipping rates.

Thank you so much for your support!

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