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Psalm 100 Mini Challenge

The Psalm 100 Mini-Challenge
7 Days to a More Thankful Heart

This time of year encourages us to stop and think a little more about being thankful, and that is a good thing, but we all know that thankfulness should be more than something we do a few days of the year, or even one month of the year. If you’re like me, unless you make a conscious commitment and effort, it’s easy to have good intentions that never translate into good actions. You may also be like me if you sometimes feel a little discouraged or even overwhelmed when it comes to trying to take practical action on those good intentions. That is why I’m sharing this mini-challenge. Small, practical steps help us to achieve our goals. If your goal is to be truly thankful, from your heart, then I hope this will help!

Psalm 100 is very short, but is packed full of truths we need, and instructions to heed. This challenge is designed to help us take a few moments each day during this week to consciously cultivate a heart of gratitude and thankfulness toward God, and to encourage us to let that resonate in and through our lips and lives.

Will you join me as we take a deeper look at this beautiful psalm and seek to incorporate its wisdom into our lives?  All you will need is your Bible, a notebook, a pen, and a heart that is willing to seek the Lord.

4 Simple Steps:

  1. Read Psalm 100 daily.
  2. Copy it at least once daily (this should take about 5-10 minutes).
  3. Commit it to memory. Does this seem like a big step? Read it out loud, copy it, and start with memorizing one verse at a time.
  4. Each day choose one of these steps:
  • Write down an action word/phrase in the Psalm:
    Example: Serve the Lord
    What one thing can I do today to show my gratitude to God?
  • Write down an attitude word/phrase in the Psalm:
    Example: with gladness
    Am I serving the Lord with gladness? How can I do that?

  • Write down something this passage teaches about God. Take the time to think about what that means. Thank Him for who He is.
    Example: The Lord is good (vs. 5)
  • Write down a specific way to act on these truths. Choose something to do today, and make a commitment to do it.

Don’t forget to pray and ask the Lord to help you as you seek to know Him and praise Him for His goodness. I will be sharing some of my thoughts and study suggestions as I work on this challenge. You can find my thoughts and share yours in the LIFT Bible Class, or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #Psalm100Challenge. I would love to have you join me!

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One Response to Psalm 100 Mini Challenge

  1. Linda Maloney says:

    Psalm 100:1 How very gracious our God is that He invites the whole world to know the joy of salvation in His Son. And that we can shout and sing praises to His Name whether we can carry a tune or not.

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