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Vote for Your Favorite Book Cover!

I’m very excited about the cover design options! Please vote for your favorite design by commenting on this blog post. Choose Design A or Design B.

You may vote one time. Voting will close on June 2, and the winning design will be announced June 4. You may also vote on my Christian Compositions Facebook page.

Thanks so much for participating!

Niki Lott

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3 Responses to Vote for Your Favorite Book Cover!

  1. Melissa Smith says:

    I vofe B 😉 It looks so peaceful.

  2. Gary and Tami Neal says:

    We vote for B. We think it coordinates with the theme of the book better.

  3. Melissa Kirkpatrick says:

    B……it looks so peaceful, alone with The Savior. To pour out ones heart to the one that gives so much love.

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